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Students, please read the top Frequently Asked Questions below first. 90% of your questions can be answered right here.

If you have questions about the recent changes to Etudes, please visit our New Look for Etudes webpage. Or, view a video orientation about how to Modify Account and Preferences.

Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: When can I log into my courses? / Why can't I login to Etudes

    A: Most students are able to login to online courses by 9 am on the first day of each quarter, but NOT before. Try to login again once the quarter starts.

    A: If you are a new student, or have never taken an Etudes course AND have recently added a course using Etudes through MyPortal, bear in mind that it can take up to 18 hours for you to be able to login to Etudes and view the course. If it has been longer than a day, the problem may be with your username and/or password, so read the answers below.

  2. Q: How do I add a course after the quarter starts?

    A: Contact or visit your instructor on the first day of class to request an Add Code.
    Starting on the first day of the quarter, students may request Add Codes for fully online courses via MyPortal. This service is ONLY available for fully online courses and for students who are NOT on the Waitlist.

    To submit a request, login to MyPortal, click on the Registration tab, then look for "Add Request for Foothill Online Courses” on your screen. Click the Browse Courses button.

    If you receive an Add Code from the instructor, follow the instructions for registering for a course using an Add Code.

  3. Q: What is my Etudes User ID and Password?

    A: Your Etudes User ID is the same 8 digits as your Student Identification Number (SID). For example: Gloria Chung's User ID would be 12345678 if she had a Student Identification Number (SID) of 12345678.

    Your Etudes Password is created by using your birthday. Example: If your birthday is April 22, 1991 (04/22/91), then your Password = 0422. The Month+Day value is always 4-digits (mmdd) where a single digit day or month starts with a zero. Do NOT use the year.

    If you need more help to figure out your Etudes User ID visit the login instructions page here.

  4. Q: I can login to Etudes but why can't I see my course tab?

    If you have recently added or dropped a course through MyPortal it can take up to 18 hours for you to be able to view the changes inside Etudes.

    A: Sometimes the course is not "published" or available until mid-day or later in the day on the first day of classes. Be patient, and if you still cannot see your course inside Etudes by the end of the day then please contact your instructor directly.

    A: If you have asked to add a class, but you are not officially enrolled in the Registrar's Office, you will NOT see a tab for your online course the morning after you are officially enrolled and have paid.

    A: If you have been dropped from the course, you will no longer have a course tab.

  5. Q: How do I login to or access my online Etudes course?

    A: You can view our login instructions online to help you access the Etudes courses. Note: Some instructors DO NOT use Etudes for their online course and so access to some online courses is NOT available via Etudes. Please check our course details pages for online course or contact the instructor directly for details.

  6. Q: I've been able to login before, so why am I unable to login NOW?

    A: There are a number of reasons why, please visit our login help page to answer your question.

  7. Q: What should I do if I forgot my password?

    A: It's easy, visit our Reset Password webpage to reset your password.

  8. Q: Why am I having problems logging into my online Etudes course?

    A: Make sure you have the correct Etudes User ID (read above question), and correct password. If you still cannot login visit our login troubleshooting tips webpage.

  9. Q: Where can I view more information about the courses available online?

    A: Visit our course information for online course website.

  10. Q: What should I do if I get an error message when I request my password to be reset?

    A: You will get an error message if the email address that you entered to Reset Password doesn't match the email address that Etudes has on record for you. If this happens you need to update your account to gain access to Etudes.

  11. Q: Why can't I login to MyPortal?

    A: If you are having trouble with MyPortal, please go to the MyPortal Help Report Form.

  12. Q: Why can't I view YouTube videos in my online course?

    A: Most videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in for your web browser. Having the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ensures the best viewing experience. You cannot view many YouTube videos using an iPad because iPad does not support Flash. Here’s how to upgrade to the latest version:
    1. Check your Flash Player version (go to
    2. Download the latest version (go to
    3. Exit your browser once you’ve downloaded the file
    4. Open the Adobe Flash Player Installer on your computer to complete the installation process

If you didn't get your question answered above, please read more Frequently Asked Questions below or contact our helpdesk

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