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To get help with your online course, please click on Request Help.

You will not be able to login until the quarter starts. If the class you want is filled, please read the Request Add Process for details. Go to Help Form for help with problems with MyPortal.

Login or Course Access

Why haven't I received an email with my Reset Password?

How do I accept certificates and stop all the alerts?

How can I view the Discussion area if I'm using a MAC?

How can I view the Discussion area if I'm using a PC?

How do I login to or access my online Etudes course?

What is my Etudes User ID?

Why am I having problems logging into my online Etudes course?

What should I do if I forgot my password?

What should I do if I get an error message when I request my password to be reset?

What is my Student Identification Number (SID)?

When can I login to my course after registering or adding late?

Why can I login but I don't see my course tab?

What should I do if My Workspace doesn't work?

How can I contact my instructor?

Registration & Enrollment

The class I want is filled, how do I get on the Wait List? 

I'm on the Wait List but I can't login to the online course site.  Why?

What should I do if I have a problem registering?

How can I add a closed course?

How can I add an online class once the quarter has started?

I have enrolled in an online course, why hasn't anyone contacted me yet?

How can I get my Campus Center Use Fee reduced?

How do I drop a class or withdraw?


What is Etudes?

Where do I login to the Etudes Portal or Gateway to access my online course?

Technical Issues

To find out if Etudes is down, type into the empty box at

How can I get technical help?

If you do not receive a response from the Help Desk within 24 hours, please check the spam or junk folder in your email account. Be sure that you entered your email address correctly.

Why haven't I received a reply after I clicked on Assistance and submitted a request for help?

Why haven't I received a response within 12 hours after requesting Update Account in Etudes?

What are the technical requirements for using Etudes?

How can login to an online course and use Etudes if I am an AOL member?

How do I print course content?

How do I rearrange the order of my course tabs in Etudes?

Where can I get help with downloading, attachments, and other computer tasks?


How can I get online Advising?

How do I find out more information about an online course?

How can I take my Placement tests if I live outside the south Bay area?

Prepare for an Online Course

What should I do before I take an online course?

What do I need to know before I take an online course?

What is academic dishonesty?

What is the Honor Code for online students?


What is the process for handling concerns or complaints about a course or instructor?

When should I contact my instructor if I experience problems?

Technical Support Information and Policies

Since online courses rely primarily on the use of hardware and software, there may be times that you experience technical problems which will interfere with your ability to complete course assignments. Technology is no panacea. Hardware breaks down and software incompatibilities exist. Foothill College does not have the resources to help with technical problems that occur on YOUR end. We will work diligently in resolving any problems that may arise on our end, such as network down-time, course access problems, passwords, etc.

Please notify your instructor immediately if you are having problems accessing course materials over the Internet or via email, depending on the course delivery method. These problems include, but are not limited to, accessing the course (inactive or wrong URL), inactive or incorrect password, returned email messages, etc. Also, do not put off contacting your instructor if you are having problems understanding the material. Do not just quit logging on. If you don't show up for any length of time, you may be dropped from the course. Please refer to your instructor's syllabus for his/her "attendance & withdrawal" policy.

Please remember that your instructor is NOT responsible for:
(Unless, of course, you are taking a course specifically designed to teach you these skills)

  • modem problems
  • local software problems
  • problems with your Internet Service Provider
  • email accounts (other than your campus account)
  • setting up your email account on your home computer
  • problems downloading software

Please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance with the above problems. Their technical support can walk you through installation and configuration of software. Locate their technical support phone number on your billing statement or their homepage.

We are NOT responsible for the following issues on YOUR end, teaching you how to:

  • send attachments
  • conduct web searches
  • teaching you word processing commands
  • how to download
  • set up your hardware and software
  • configure your email
  • look for email messages in a spam or junk folder
Be sure you have the necessary technical knowledge, equipment, and software to succeed in an online course. Foothill College does not have the resources to help with technical problems that occur on YOUR end. We will ensure connectivity on our servers/software. If you cannot access the your Etudes or other course site, contact your instructor or post a message on our Student Help Center. Be sure it is not a problem with your ISP or computer first.   Restarting or rebooting your computer often solves problems.